Leadership Style For A New Supervisor

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This paper will discuss and help understand the best leadership style for a new supervisor. The leadership style that is selected will determine the willingness of subordinates to work for you or against you. A new supervisor will be confronted with issues and problems they were not aware of when they were a front line officer. The responsibilities of a new supervisor will increase substantially and they will be held accountable for their subordinates’ actions. One of the biggest challenges for any new supervisor is to gain respect and trust from the subordinates that are being supervised while ensuring the policies and procedures of the department are being followed. When determining the best leadership style for a new supervisor…show more content…
The power, control, and information is kept with the supervisor and is not shared with the subordinates, they simply follow orders. In this style of leadership a supervisor would use fear and punitive measures to get the outcome they wanted. The rules are in place for a reason and are to be followed without exceptions. In this leadership style there is very little concern for the employees and their families. The consultative leadership style is similar to the participative leadership style. This leadership style takes input from employees when making decisions. This leadership style is likely to build trust with your employees because you are allowing them to provide some input on how they accomplish their job or assigned task. In turn, employees will start to trust you as a leader (Gillespi & Mann, 2004, p. 592). Under this style of leadership the self-esteem of the subordinates will increase because they feel they have been trusted to make decisions that affect their working environment (Allen & Sawhney, 2014). When subordinates have more buy-in to the suggested changes they are more willing to make it succeed. The democratic leadership style is similar to consultative and participatory leadership. Usually when people hear the word democratic they believe that a decision will be based on what selection receives the most votes by the participating members. In a democratic leadership style that is not the case.
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