Leadership Style For Direct Communication

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Answer 1 Leadership and leadership styles Although Porter is a leader, he does not seem to have the motivation to be a good leader. Leadership is about influencing people to achieve a goal. According to Northouse (2013), leadership “is a process whereby an individual influences a group of individuals to achieve a common goal” (p. 5). A leadership style is a behavioral pattern for tasks and relationships that can be classified into the categories of directing, coaching, supporting, and delegating. Northouse (2013) indicates “leadership consists of a behavior pattern of a person who attempts to influence others includes directive (task) and supportive (relationship) behaviors” (p. 101). A leadership style for direct communication is a phrase to do what I tell you to win the game. Changes from Laissez-faire to Transformational I will suggest that Porter change his attitude of an easygoing quiet man known for being passive to that of a transformational leader who directs tasks and motivate the team by providing the support that the team needs to win more games. According to Northouse (2013), transformation leadership “is a process that changes and transforms people” (p. 185). A transformational leader works to create a connection to raise the level of motivation by focusing on the communication that will have a direct impact on setting and achieving the goal. Porter needs to be supportive to make things happen for the team. According to Northouse, (2013), the supportive
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