Leadership Style For HNB

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3.11 Recommendation of leadership style to implement the implementation of the marketing plan

Components of Transformational Leadership Recommendation of Transformational leadership for HNB for implementation of the marketing Plan
Idealized Influence As the transformational leader should be a role model to followers. Transformational leaders would be able to influence the personnel within the organisation. In the event of exploiting market opportunities in Maldives, all the levels of managers needs to demonstrate it within themselves and this will have to lead subordinates to follow the same.

Inspirational Motivation This emphasize on creation of a compelling picture of the future. This will help employees to understand the common
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This will be a key factor in order to establish competitive positioning for HNB with the use of new plan and this will to establish flexibility within the organisation.

Table 17: Leadership styles Of HNB

Recommend how the HNB overcome barriers to change in order to create and shape a culture and leadership style that exploits global activity.

3.12 Change management Process for HNB
Through a change management process, will aid employees and management to understand and support on the delivering a competitive advantage when entering to the new market. This process would aid to improve to shape culture and leadership for HNB.

The following model illustrates how HNB could manage the changes that are coming in to play along with the suggested recommendation. Lewin’s change management model will be used in order to manage the expected change.

Figure 14: Lewin’s Change
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