Leadership Style Is Fixed and Unchangeable. Ebgm03

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LEADERSHIP STYLE IS FIXED AND UNCHANGEABLE BY MANAGEMENT CONCEPT (B) 22/04/2013 Leadership is essentially the core and spirit of an organization (Mills, 2005). As the people in control of the affairs of an organisation, leaders manage the organisation's affairs, relate with employees on a daily basis, face to face. Hence leaders are given the task to communicate organisational goals, visions and ideas to employees, maintain and implement organisational rules and systems and even have the final say on promotion, retention and dismissal ((Murray, 2013). Hence, Leaders do not have same approach to issues; neither do they get things done in the same manner. Leadership style varies depending on the kind of…show more content…
Whereas, in modern business organisations, this style of management cannot succeed, as it will ultimately cause staff demotivation or possible agitation and legal act. However, authoritarian management style may be suitable in crisis situations and in the military (Efere, 2003). Authoritative Style: This type of management style is characterised by chockfull authority and influence, managers who display this type of management style ensure easy mobilisation of people with a great deal of passion and with clear objectives (Efere, 2003). These are very confident and charismatic managers who are basically encouraging individuals to work together in trust. Some pessimists might feel that such managers are over confident and arrogant (Uche and Timinepere, 2012). Democratic Style: Just as the name implies democratic managers seek to achieve their objectives in agreement and staff participation (Uche and Timinepere, 2012). These are managers who would seek the opinion of their staff on serious issues. This creates the feeling of joint participation and responsibility among the staff. It is said that such management style is likely to reduce staff rebellion (Efere, 2003). Affiliative Style: This management style is closely related to the democratic style as it seeks to create unity and harmony within individuals in an organisation by means of building an emotional bond between individuals (Lynham and Chermack,2006).. Such bonding is expected to

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