Leadership Style Of A School Administrator Influences The School Environment

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The leadership style of a school administrator influences the school environment, which in turn impacts the school’s outcome. It is imperative that schools have leaders that encourage, promote, and create a collaborative environment. In reflecting on my leadership style, I am a “Facilitative Leader.” I am not only a leader, but also a coach. As a coach, I listen to questions/challenges, and share my perspective. I ensure that I listen fully in order to successfully help problem solve. As a leader, when making a decision, I make conscious choices about how much to involve others after weighing several factors. Some of these factors include how much stake-holder buy in is needed, how much time is available, and the importance of the decision. It is important to ensure that I encourage group members to participate, however, must be ready to make the final decision if needed. As a Facilitative Leader, my goal is to empower people to work together to achieve a common goal. I want the members of my group to be engaged in the process, be motivated, and have the opportunity to be creative. Each member of a group is important, and brings something valuable to the team. As a leader I ensure that my groups have a vision, goals, and the resources for obtaining those goals. An effective school leader realizes that there is always room for continuous improvement. Continuous Improvement refers to the process cycle of school improvement. Major components include creating a
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