Leadership Style Of Leadership Styles

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Leadership is a form of leading individuals towards a specific goal/objective and with that comes many different theories/styles about leadership. There isn’t one perfect way to lead and Jeff Bezos, Ken Chenault and Jack Welch show that different types of leadership styles could lead to success. They have had great success throughout their careers as CEO; they were able to find what worked and led their companies to great success. While there isn’t one specific way to lead to success there are plenty of styles that could be applied to help move towards success; Coercive/Commanding, Authoritative/Visionary, Affiliative, Democratic, Coaching, and Pacesetting. “Leaders who used styles that positively affected the climate had decidedly better financial results than those who did not. That is not to say that organizational climate is the only driver of performance. Economic conditions and competitive dynamics matter enormously.” (Goleman, 2000). With that said we will compare the six styles and discuss the CEOs relation to those styles. Coercive/Commanding is a style of leadership that is demanding and expects subordinates to listen. Typically the best time for this approach is when there is time constraints around a project and not time could be wasted. While that approach could work; employees feel disinterested and that they don’t have input into the situation. Authoritative/Visionary focuses on giving the group a vision to believe in; something to aim for. This style
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