Essay about Leadership Style

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1. Introduction
1.1 Background
21st-century organizations are different, and the pace of change is even faster. This has given rise to new ideas about where leaders need to put their energies. Perhaps this means less vision and more connectivity (Esther and Mike 2004). Today, organizations are in a continuous process of transformation. Change became the norm of organizations not an exception. If organization is traveling on the rout of success then its possible destinations are change management, adoption of new technologies and phenomenon (Joachim and Ralf 2008). Today the key challenges are advancements in technology, pace of competition, globalization, cost control and increasing efficiency regarding customers’ expectations. This
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The reason is rapid changes in the technology. If any organization is not compatible with the changes it will be very difficult to survive. It is established fact that e-commerce is the demand of the time and in near future that ignores this fact will be in loss even out of the competition. Now organizations are taking e-commerce as competitive advantage. Here question arises who is most responsible person to deal with this challenge? Simply the answer is leaders of organizations who give the direction and manage whole scenarios. So there is need to find what difference between leaders is who adopts changes and who don’t. It will help to find reasons which make the difference. I found gape in literature on this topic.
1.3 Purpose of Study
In today’s business environment the most challenging task is to be a effective leader. In this era social and business structures are changing rapidly. Last two decade’s most popular issue and phenomena is e-commerce. The way leaders react with technological changes is the purpose of this study. This study finds the association between leadership styles and e-commerce adoption.

The primary purpose of this study is to find correlation between leadership style and e-commerce adoption, which specifically emphasis on Private Sector of Pakistan.
Research Question:
What is the association between leadership styles and e-commerce adoption?
To answer this question
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