Leadership Style: Personal Statement

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My Leadership Style According to Schwartz (1997), Goizueta joined Coca-Cola at a time when the company was in trouble. Slowed by bureaucracy and with an eroding stock price, the beverage maker was slowly loosing its market share to rivals like Pepsi. An inspirational leader, Goizueta was able to turnaround the beverage maker and before his exit, the company had become one of the most recognizable brands in the world. His managerial style as Rowe and Guerrero (2010) point out was more intellectual than hands-on. I regard myself a participative leader. In the words of DuBrin (2008, p.348), "a participative leader is the one who shares decision making with group members." In the past, I have held various leadership positions. During those brief stints as a leader, I have found it prudent to consult widely before making decisions. In my opinion, it is by consulting widely that we make the most viable decisions. It is also by consulting widely that we motivate others to achieve set goals (Pride, Hughes, and Kapoor, 2011). I plan to make use of my leadership style as both a student and alumnus of Goizueta Business School in a way that will impact positively on the institution. As a student, I will utilize my leadership style as a problem solving tool in group settings. This I could do by supporting the agenda of teams, in which I happen to be a member, through encouraging collaboration. If elected to any position of leadership, I will ensure that I create a cooperative work
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