Leadership Style Research Has Been Conducted Examining

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Leadership style research has been conducted examining multiple variables and settings, but the review of literature shows a need for more analysis of how such styles are being viewed by teachers in both high poverty and low poverty settings. School climate differences also need further examination to determine if teachers perceive their school climate differently in high poverty and low poverty schools. Chapter three describes the sampling procedures, research methodology, instrumentation, data collection, data analysis and procedures for the study of leadership styles and school climate differences in schools of different poverty levels.

Significance of Study
Poverty and its effects on schools has been a topic that has become
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This information could then be used to determine if these are the types of leadership behaviors and school climate conditions that are the most conducive to a successful school. Sample Selection and Participant Information
There needs to be at least 50 participants chosen for this study. A sample of convenience was used which limited the scope of the study to high poverty and low poverty schools in the South Carolina Lowcountry. These participants were all South Carolina certified teachers in multiple secondary disciplines. Teachers who had only been employed for one year were not included in the study because it is possible they did not have enough personal experience with their current principal to accurately determine their leadership behaviors. This was done to protect the integrity of the study and to gain an accurate depiction of the principal’s leadership behaviors over time. This exclusion also ensures that answers to the school climate survey are referencing the perception of the school climate from a perspective of a person that has experienced it for a significant period of time. Every effort was made to get an equal number of participants from both low poverty and high poverty secondary schools. High poverty schools were defined as schools that have at least 75 percent of their students eligible for free and reduced lunch prices.
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