Leadership Style : What Type Of Leader Are You?

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Leadership Style: What Type of Leader Are You?
By Michael T Nicholas | Submitted On February 02, 2011

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Expert Author Michael T Nicholas
Anyone who has studied leadership knows that there are as many approaches to it as there are people. This is inevitable because, whether people realise it or not, their leadership style is a direct consequence of the way their unique nature expresses itself. So how can we define a model that provides a clear development path to enable you to improve your leadership?

As Ken Blanchard reminded us, "The key to successful leadership today is influence, not authority." In other words, leadership works through people and culture - not the hierarchy and systems which can so limit a company 's growth. That 's why I believe that one of the most useful approaches to leadership development focuses on the underlying attitude that leaders have to other people, in particular, the need for influencing skills rather than attempts to control. Controlling behaviour suppresses the motivation of employees to bring their best to their organisations.

By looking at the approach of leaders in relation to the balance that they adopt…
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