Leadership Styles And Characteristics Of Leadership

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Leadership Styles and Characteristics Leadership goes beyond management, for some, leadership is instinctual and pours over into your personal life. This paper will discuss a leader I admire in my personal life, and analyze their leadership style. I will discuss how that leader has influenced my leadership style, as well as how things like environment and the economy affect my leadership approach. Leader and Company For as long as I can remember my mother has been a remarkable leader. When I was young she worked as a manager for an apparel manufacturer. I often saw her in action when she took me to work with her on days I was sick. My siblings and I learned at a very young age, that hard work means something, and being passion about…show more content…
She has knowledge she’s is willing to share and works alongside her colleges on every account. Darla believes in working through a problem with her employees, letting them to understand the process and learn from mistakes as they go along. She understands that her experience is valuable to her employees and wants build them up and use that experience to improve their skills. As a supportive leader, she takes time out to listen to what is needed and act accordingly. That is her leadership style at its core, but she understands when the delegator needs to come out to make the difficult decisions and provide structure. She understands who needs the hands-on attention and who needs autonomy/independence. Darla still teaches me to lead by example. To be the first person in and the last out. To work hard set an example for others. Most of all, to understand that it is not only about how well you do, that you are only as good as your team and it’s your job to help those around you in any way you can. My Leadership Style My own leadership style could be considered very similar to my mothers, our personalities are very similar and she was the first person I learned from, so it only makes sense. I consider honesty to be the most important trait. I work to be as transparent as possible with my team. With that comes being open and clear with communication. I have also found that being passion about your job and what you do has a huge impact on how followers see you.
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