Leadership Styles And Evaluating An Enhanced Approach

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In this essay I will be reflecting on leadership styles and evaluating an enhanced approach. Leadership consists of people, authority, influence, change, direction, purpose and unified achievement (Youki, 2013). Leadership is needed throughout many situations in life, and without this there would be little unity and sense of direction within teams. To get a task completed there needs to be a person with the confidence to clearly and concisely convey what to do and who should do it. Therefore, to make a good leader it is essential to have good leadership. To ensure there is good leadership there needs to be a leadership style. Leadership style is “the manner and approach of providing direction, implementing plans and motivating
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The leader will not actively participate with the group, and will just give clear directions to group members. This type of leader will sort out the tasks for the team and will not notify members of any future plans. Solely having the knowledge is what gives the leader the confidence to make decisions. The leader when evaluating team members gives praise and criticism freely, but it is given based on their own personal standards rather than based on an objective/unbiased standard (Combe, 2014).
This leadership style works best where there is a strict time limit, so group decisions cannot be made or when the leader is knowledgeable enough which produces the confidence to make the best decision (Dam, 2007). I feel that this would not cause misunderstandings within the group as they will understand the leader and see this as something that had to be done. I also feel that this type of leader will show that they are responsible and will always make sure that a decision is made. This is why this type of leadership works best when decisive and rapid decisions are needed.
The autocratic style was a style I used when I had two weeks to produce a group report. A tight deadline meant that I needed to sort out a structure and relay this information to my team members. By doing this I had already cut out time from meeting up and discussing about what to do. The result was that as a
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