Leadership Styles And Its Impact On Leadership

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Often when there is police corruption in the news, there are individuals who will point fingers not only at the officers involved but also at the leadership in charge. The mindset, in general, is that if the leadership had reigned in their officers, then incidents of unruly behavior, excessive use of force and questionable decision-making would not have occurred. Thus, it leads this author to wonder what impact leadership truly has in policing. More specifically, this author is concerned with discovering if leadership styles have an effect on how effective or ineffective a leader will be within policing.
Throughout the course of this paper, this author will discuss various types of leadership styles, behavioral traits and how they pertain to leadership, as well as what determines if a leader is effective. It is the hope of this author that a discovery will be made to clarify the aforementioned scopes in regards to their impact on leadership within policing.
Part I: Leadership Styles. Looking throughout the course of history, it is very evident that a multitude of leadership styles have been employed by world leaders. The President of the United States, for example, is someone who recognizes the strengths of bureaucratic leadership, strategic leadership, team leadership, charismatic leadership and situational leadership. The type of leadership used by the President often depends on the situation that is being addressed. On the other end of the spectrum, there are some
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