Leadership Styles And Leadership Style

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The fourth subject is the leadership style. As of right now the company is an autocratic style. This means that there is less communication involved. “In an autocratic leadership style, the person in charge has total authority and control over decision making.” (Leadership Toolbox) The leadership style mainly effects the employees. The reason for this is because with an autocratic leadership, there is less communication. The employees have opinions in the business and they want to share those ideas and that is not very possible because of the leadership style that there already is. In order to help solve this solution, you could look toward a more people-oriented leadership style, like a mix between the trainer and the democratic leader. The trainer works to develop the team members to make them more efficient and stronger at their jobs, which would also help with the defective items issue. The democratic leader is someone who encourages discussion and the free-flow of ideas. This could help with the poor morale also and helping people like their job. (Leadership Toolbox) There are many pros and cons to changing the leadership style. The pros for the employees would include how they’d have more say in the company and an option to speak their opinions. Cons for the employees are change. Lots of people don’t like change and have a hard time adjusting to it. The pros for the employers would be a higher morale and employees actually particapting in their jobs.
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