Leadership Styles And The Entrepreneurial Spirit Created By Different Styles

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Leadership style is a leader’s style to guide in a specific direction, plan and motivation to whole team. There are different influences on the entrepreneurial spirit created by different leadership styles (Darling& Leffel, 2010). For this reason, an effective leader should choses a suitable leadership style to lead the team. There are four different kind of leadership style according to Darling and Leffel, analyzer, director, creator and connector. Analyzer-type leaders always do a great deal of research before they take any action, and they take precise, logical and systematic approaches to lead their team. Director styles tend to be goal-oriented, they are independent, confident, terse in expression and willing to take risks. Creator leadership styles tend to take approaches that are fresh, new and innovative, they are creative and grand designs. This kind of leadership style always can be a strong power to motivate and inspire team members with the vision of the future. The last one is Connector leadership styles, they are sensitive and always get along well with others, and connector type is the style that is the most sympathetic and understanding. Good leaders should take different styles to influence, to provide a direction and opinion to their group. It is different with managers. Managers have responsibility for the team to conduct, to achieve and to bring about. As Darling and Leffel(2010)expressed” activities of controlling resources, and mastering procedures and…

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