Leadership Styles And The Job Satisfaction Essay

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leadership styles and its sub-scales have a significant role in job satisfaction. These results were consistencewith previous research results that doing in this field.
1. There is a positive correlation between leadership styles and the job-satisfaction in education providers. The determinants of job satisfaction, leadership is viewed as an important predictor and plays a central role. Leadership is a management function, which is mostly directed towards people and social interaction, as well as the process of influencing people so that they will achieve the goals of the organization.Leader is leading the human resource function, collaborating with other functions and providing leadership to them, setting and enhancing the standards for strategic thinking (Armstrong (2006). Leadership effectiveness many different types of outcomes havebeen used, including the performance and growth of the leader’s group or organization, its preparedness to deal with challenges or crises, follower satisfaction with the leader, follower commitment to the group objectives, the psychological well-being and development of followers, the leaders’ possession of high status in the group, and theleader’s advancement to higher positions of authority in the organization (Oad, 1999).
2. In this study the effectiveness of leader was measured based on three major outcomes from leadership styles including extra effort, effectiveness and satisfaction. First component of extra effort means the willingness
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