Leadership Styles: Choosing the Right Style for the Situation

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When it comes to leadership, every leader needs to figure out which approach he or she is going to implement in order to meet an organization's overall goals. Based upon my various experiences with leaders in a professional setting, I find that the manager, John, at my first job was one of the most successful leaders I have encountered. John utilized a variety of leadership approaches to ensure that we were efficient in our tasks and duties through coaching and being affiliative in his leadership approach. One of the major reasons John was so successful in leading us is he empowered his staff and allowed them to be both responsible and accountable for their actions. Because John understood that many of us might have needed to take time off unexpectedly to deal with personal issues, including school, he made it clear that it was our responsibility to find someone to cover our shift. Additionally, he led by example, often assisting us in our duties. Through coaching, on an individual and group level, John was able to assess our capabilities and ensure that our readiness levels were at the requisite stage (Murray, n.d.). At the end of the day, John did not care how the work got done, just that it got done when it was supposed to get done and that it was done correctly. John was not an authoritarian leader and believed that leading by example was the best approach. Moreover, he allowed us to understand why changes were being implemented and what effect they were going to
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