Leadership Styles : Effective Leadership

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This short paper examines effective leadership. Effective leadership may be outlined in many ways. Although exposed to several different leadership styles, I find that I respond best to a leader who believes in the works and theories of Confucius. According to McMahon, the Confucian leadership system believes that leadership is an emergent quality of the character that radiates and makes others want to follow, based on the respect and trust the leader generates (McMahon, 2010). I believe the new president at the law school in which I am employed, exemplifies and leads the institution under these same philosophies. Conscientiously or not, the new president works and follows the Confucian path of leadership. Recently, a new president was appointed at my place of employment. As a direct report to the president, I am charged with the responsibility of the overall enrollment in the institution. Nationally, law school applications have hit an all-time low (Kitroeff, 2014). However, my new supervisor chooses to lean on her expert team rather than step out on unknown territory. She recognized the school was in a state of displacement and turmoil, and felt it was her duty to transform an institution she believes in. Unlike her predecessors, she led with a positive attitude and presumed good intent from her staff and administration. Specifically, she began her tenure by honestly analyzing her strengths, and carefully surveying the institution and her employees; she wanted to
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