Leadership Styles Have On Minority Graduates

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Abstract The role of leadership is extremely vital in creating a motivated and satisfied workforce. In many cases motivation and job satisfaction are linked to salary and benefits but this paper will explore the direct relationships, both positive and negative, that different leadership styles have on minority graduates entering the workforce. The data for this research was collected from students enrolled at Savannah State University and taking business school courses. Transformational Leadership, Situational Leadership, Participative Leadership, and Delegative Leadership will be measured to indicate which style(s) will produce the highest level of job motivation and satisfaction. The method used to analyze this data and evaluate the…show more content…
This approach has been common in the workforce for years, but when is the employee’s input considered? By simply asking the employees or future employees a series of questions regarding leadership styles, the manager or leader could have a much better understanding of how to lead each individual. Considering every individual is different, what motivates them in the workplace should differ also, but is there a trend amongst groups such as minorities or majorities? This research focuses on full time students, of Savannah State University, that are currently enrolled in classes that are held in the Howard Jordan business school. These students volunteered themselves as I explored the various leadership styles and job satisfaction and motivation. This specific group was chosen to because they are Savannah’s only historically black universities (HBCU) and one of a few in the state of Georgia. As businesses expand and industries grow, these students will graduate and make up a large number of the employees in these industries. The questions who will lead them and how will they lead them will be left to answer. Literature Review Leadership Leadership, one of the worlds most observed phenomena (Burns, 1997), has been a widely discussed topic. Tracy (Tracy, 2012) believes you motivate others by continually looking for ways to help them to improve their lives and achieve their goals. Qualities
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