Leadership Styles Influence Nursing Shortage

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Leadership styles influence nursing shortage and nurse turn-over The health care sector all over the world has been experiencing this problem over the years. While there are several factors that contributes to this, management has a role in this situation. Organizations employ managers in order to keep the organization running with the available resources. Their unique role demands the requisite skills to find the balance between the goals of the organization and the welfare of their subordinates. One thing that is certain is that these problems have several contributing factors which makes it more challenging to find an ultimate solution. However, this paper will explore a few areas such as some relating theories, in addition to the roles, skills of the manager and how they influence nursing shortage and nurse turn-over (staff shortage and turn-over). According to theorists there are several theories that may be found in a leader. The first being a group called trait theories. These include “trust, curiosity, and integrity” (Huber, 2014). Over time some researchers have concluded that leaders become what they are with time and experience. A leader who is curious will always seek to ask “why”, “how” and “where”. This attitude prevents complacency, and drives them to find solutions to existing and potential problems. The second one is called attitudinal theory. This involves three components psychomotor, affective and cognitive. The basis of this is theory is helping

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