Leadership Styles, Leadership, And Politics Of Sociology

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In a group or team, there is always someone who needs to manage and direct a team on where to move forward and what the set goals are. This week, the focuses were on leadership styles, skills, theories, nonverbal communication, contributions, types of conflict, and leaders as servants. During the week, we had watched two videos of two different interactions between groups of people. Each displayed different interactions communications of our focus on leadership this week. We had discussed for each video the leadership theories and styles in each video, what leadership strategies can be identified and what could have been helpful in the strategies for each videos, including the team and the constructive and destructive conflicts of each meeting. These conflicts can result in different concepts and how you can increase cohesion within the team. With the analysis of each video, we can conclude what leadership styles were used and the conflicts that arise. Two videos, “Planning a playground” and “Politics of Sociology,” were watched and discussed amongst my classmates. A great amount of feedback and analysis of each leadership provided me with a great insight of each group as well. For “Planning a Playground,” there was a bit of repetition, which could have been condensed and more coordinated for each focus question, we were provided. The focus questions provided a great way for us to start a discussion within our collaborative group. Most of the group agreed with each other,

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