Leadership Styles : Leadership Style

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Leadership style is designed according to a pioneer 's behaviors, which is enveloped under behaviorist theory. Inside of this class, distinctive examples of leadership behavior are watched and classified as leadership styles. Practicing managers have a tendency to be the most keen on looking into this specific theory in light of the fact that with it leaders can modify their style taking into account the convictions, values, inclinations and society of the association they work for. Leadership can also be conceived as a process where one or more persons influence a group of person to move in a certain direction. The word leadership has been used in various aspects of human endeavor such as politics, business, academics and social works. Messick and Krammer(2004) debated about the degree to which the individual exhibits leadership traits depends not only on his characteristics and personal abilities but also on the characteristics of the situation and environment in which he finds himself. Bill Gates was born in 1955, had a love of computers and began programming mainframe computers when he was 13 years old. The text below will consist of an analysis of the leadership style of bill gates according to an existing leadership style theory.

Bill Gates Bill Gates developed his own version of the BASIC programming language while attending Harvard University. He started Microsoft as a partnership with his childhood friend Paul Allen. Microsoft became an
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