Leadership Styles Of A Ceo

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This paper examines the leadership styles of a CEO and a Vice President in a successful mid-sized company. Its main objectives are to identify the individuals’ leadership approaches, evaluate the effects of their leadership styles on the performance of employees, offer actionable recommendations for improving their leadership effectiveness, and conclude with brief remarks.

Analysis of Vice President Leadership Style

The following is a list of accusations lobbed against the VP, what the charges say about the character of this particular individual, and the expected reactions of employees.

VP’s Actions/Behavior What Actions Say About VP’s Character Employee Likely Reactions
Often display anger Bully, authoritarian Employees feel humiliated
Engage in back-stabbing Not team-oriented, unconcerned about unity Employees lose sense of union
Publicly and privately broadside colleagues Unprofessional Employee morale suffers
Threw staff under the bus at meetings Disloyal, self-interested and irresponsible Employees are uninspired by lack of accountability
Verbally berate subordinates Abusive, hostile, superior and intimidating Employees feel self-doubt, lose confidence
Possess poor listening skills Indifferent Employees feel unacknowledged
Interrupt and talk over people Self-important and rude Employees feel disrespected, contempt
Lie about certain projects Dishonest and deceitful Employees lose respect and admiration due to lack of integrity

According to Robert R.
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