Leadership Styles Of Hostile Workplace

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Leadership Styles in Hostile Workplaces in the Military
The military organization is susceptible to bullying in the workplace and hostile work environments due to the inherent nature of the military structure. Different leadership styles can be used to combat bullying and hostile work environments and minimize their effects. Some leadership styles further contribute to problem. Furthermore leadership styles that are helpful in one situation may contribute to problems in a different situation.
Military establishments are prone to workplace bullying because they are under the influence of hierarchical and authoritarian structures (Seigne, Coyne, Randall, & Parker, 2007). The military is highly competitive and politicized. Recognition and awards indirectly but causally lead to monetary compensation and prestige as compared to their peers. Military members with awards are promoted sooner than their peers. In comparison, these military members earn more money, have a higher rank, and garner the admiration of others.
Individuals are often awarded singularly recognition for team efforts. The process of selecting one person for the award out of a group effort is highly political. Rightfully so, this process breeds animosity and creates an oppressive work environment. The military structure is organized with only a few allowances for bestowing awards. A team of ten can accomplish an extraordinary task but there is not enough justification in awarding ten meritorious…
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