Leadership Styles Of Hostile Workplace

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Leadership Styles in Hostile Workplaces in the Military
The military organization is susceptible to bullying in the workplace and hostile work environments due to the inherent nature of the military structure. Different leadership styles can be used to combat bullying and hostile work environments and minimize their effects. Some leadership styles further contribute to problem. Furthermore leadership styles that are helpful in one situation may contribute to problems in a different situation.
Military establishments are prone to workplace bullying because they are under the influence of hierarchical and authoritarian structures (Seigne, Coyne, Randall, & Parker, 2007). The military is highly competitive and politicized. Recognition
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Unlike WWII, the Vietnam War service members were not welcomed as heroes but rather as disgraced veterans. Currently, a significant portion of the public and military oppose foreign involvement with the Middle East. Military members, regardless of their opinion, put their life at risk based on the decisions of politicians.
The lack of individual control leads to a feeling of helplessness. Helplessness may lead to isolationism if unchecked. Isolationism contributes to a poor social climate and vice versa. So much of what a military member does is dictated to them. The basis of military structure is authoritarian and not autonomous. These factors create a hostile work environment. Coworkers generally care less about people they do not interact with on a consistent basis. Taken to the extreme, coworkers feel animosity towards people that are not their friends. Isolated coworkers are unable to dispel rumors that inevitability arise from their absence. Human nature is to judge ourselves by our intentions and to judge others by their actions. Prejudice due to isolationism further ostracizes the individual creating a negative feedback loop.
Due to the clear career progression of the military, promotion to a higher grade and command over a unit may be reliably forecasted barring any illegal behavior. The minimum standard of behavior allows for many leadership flaws to progress
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