Leadership Styles Of ' Remember The Titans '

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Remember the Titans.

There are distinct management and leadership styles portrayed in this movie. Using information learned in this course, provide examples of effective and ineffective management techniques you observed in the movie.
I observed five different leadership styles in this movie, and I felt that each of them were effective because of the timing of the leadership style used based on the situation at hand. Authoritative leadership skills were used at the beginning of the movie when the coaches, players and the rest of the staff met for the first time. Being the new coach, Boone needed to get everyone to follow his vision for the team since the school was just recently racially integrated. The racial integration put great
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Lastly, democratic leadership styles were portrayed by both not only by both coaches, but also between the players. When the coaches and some of the players bought into and believed in what Coach Boone was trying to accomplish, they were able to instill a sense of ownership in the other team members, coaches and the town as well. In the end all but one player had become a true part of the team and what that team stood for. The offensive team captain felt empowered enough to point out and ask that this player be cut from the team; I believe that he did the right thing and acted as a leader in this situation. He knew that this player was a “weak link” in the team and the team couldn’t afford to have even one “weak link” if it was going to be successful.
Do you believe Coach Boone was an effective change agent? What about Coach Yoast? Why or why not?
I feel that both coaches played a vital role in effective change. Even though both coaches had reservations about working together, they were willing to put aside their own prejudices for the sake of the team. Had they not been able to do that, the team would have seen their leaders working against each other instead of working together; that type of scenario would have hindered any chance for effective changes.
I personally feel that Coach Boone had some rather unique change styles that he used, but they
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