Leadership Styles Of Team Leadership

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I have been analyzing your problems and concerns at DPU. My understanding is that you are having problems with your team embracing the FISH! philosophy, and that there is a lack of employee engagement from your directors in charge of the various departments at DPU. I have done some research on leadership in regards to different approaches to team leadership. I wanted to share with you what I discovered. I researched three different styles of team leadership to be able to provide you with a sufficient amount of background to be confident in my recommendation for you. Leadership It is appropriate that I mention a few things about leadership prior to delving into different leadership styles. In my research, I learned that the success of a leadership style can depend on the type of industry you are working in. Different styles will tend to be more effective in different working environments (Cunningham, Salomone, Wielgus, 2015). It is also known that different leadership styles induce various levels of how teams work together, team and individual job satisfaction, and self-esteem (Ruggieri, Abbate, 2013). The leadership style of the leader is the main vehicle that a manager can use in order to increase the rate of success of their team (Cunningham, et al., 2015). By choosing an effective leadership style, you will have the opportunity to reduce employee turnover ratios, achieve the goals of the organizational, and improve employee’s productivity and
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