Leadership Styles Of The Abc Golf Management Company, Inc.

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MAN 4120 Research Paper
TOPIC: Leadership Styles in __________ Organization.

I. The Organization chosen is…….
A. Type of Organization
B. Responsibilities
C. Organizational Structure and chart
II. Introduce problems, issues, weaknesses, or threats relating to organizational leadership.
III. Discuss different leadership perspectives/theories and leadership styles based on some core theories learned from the textbook.
IV. Use other sources such as peer journals and text books to further describe and analyze different leadership styles.
V. Perform an analysis of the leadership styles of the leader of the organization.
VI. Discuss the outcome of the leadership style in terms of the follower’s perspective, satisfaction, and organizational effectiveness.
VII. Summarize the research and present a series of recommendations based on thee findings of your analysis.

I. The Organization chosen is The ABC Golf Management Company, Inc.
a. Type of Organization: ABC is a privately held corporation registered in Florida. ABC is a golf course management company that takes on the responsibility of managing all facets of municipally owned public golf facilities for cities, counties, and towns. Because the parks and recreation departments are not necessarily golf business people, or do not necessarily have the expertise that it takes to run a golf facility, many cities and counties look to hire a company that ABC, Inc. runs the golf facility as an independent contractor for

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