Leadership Styles Of The Road Management And Authority Compliance

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In Chapter 4, Blake and Mouton explain several different leadership styles such as: Impoverished Management, Middle-of-the-Road Management, Authority-Compliance, Country Club Management, Team Management, Paternalism/Maternalism and Opportunism. After a while of reflection, I eventually come to the notion that my primary leadership style is the Paternalism/Maternalism, or in my case Maternalism. Paternalism/Maternalism suggests the leader uses both Country-Club Management and Authority-Compliance but does not mix them. This means that they have thoughtful attention towards the needs of the people to create a comfortable and friendly atmosphere and if need be, they decide that they will be efficient in their work by disregarding the needs of the people. This leader acts kindly so that their group is able to accomplish the desired goal. These leaders are often described as motherly according to their followers, some examples are that they make most of the decisions, reward loyalty and obedience as well as punishing non-cooperation. I believe that I fall into this category of leadership for many reasons. Although there are some parts of this leadership style that I do not follow, like, the inability to listen to others ideas and making most of the decisions. I know that I am pretty open minded when it comes to new ideas and I usually will let people make decisions for the group if their idea is legitimate and it is appropriate. I actually encourage new ideas that can better…
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