Leadership Styles Of The X Theory And The Y Theory

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ven John Wooden definition of success is refreshing and unique: Wooden states that success is a peace of mind which is a direct result of self- satisfaction knowing you made the effort to become the best of which you are capable. This paper will seek to describe Wooden’s Pyramid of Success and how it fits the business environment in my work place. Also, this paper will identify similarities and differences within the Pyramid of Success by comparing it to leadership styles of the X Theory and the Y Theory. Throughout the Pyramid of Success John Wooden identifies different rationales for each aspect, we will provide our understanding of all his aspects. Lastly, we will attempt to create a new pyramid of success and develop a step by step strategy that allows members to use it and adapt to it. John Wooden Pyramid Style Reflected in CLPHA John Wooden Pyramid of building blocks directed toward leadership. Each example is shared through his basketball coaching experiences, but can be applied back to everyday life and business. Working as the Director of Operations for CLPHA our training and development is based on the philosophy of Wooden, which focuses team work, value and success. Wooden stresses team spirit as an eagerness to sacrifice personal interests or glory for the welfare of all. The team comes first. Here at CLPHA we work as a team. We hold team meetings two or three times weekly. We have a database that we can collaborate as a team and share ideas and opinions

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