Leadership Styles : Transformational Leadership

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To begin with this essay is to document a critical evaluation to prove that transformational leadership styles have a major influence on the employee motivation and organisational culture, hence influence the long term success of the business. A number of key leadership styles, together with the transformational leadership will be discussed and linked to real business-world examples.

According to the research, there are three main leadership styles, specifically transformational, transactional, and laissez-faire. It has been found that a transformational leadership style is typically more effective than transactional and laissez-faire leadership styles. Lowe et al (1996) points out, followers are most likely to appraise their
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In order to make the best use of the critical success factors, the leaders must effectively communicate the CSFs with everyone involved in the business. This requirement of effective communication regarding the organisation’s values, purpose and significance of mission, brings out the importance of the practice of the transformational leaderships’ idealised influence (behaviour) factor.

D. Goleman (2000) states leaders who have mastered four or more leadership styles -especially the authoritative, democratic, affiliative, and coaching styles—have the best climate and business performance. Even though the practice of transformational leadership is appreciated and recommended, Luthans (1998) comments that the process of recognising high performance and transformational characteristics of leaders has been challenging as organisations are obligated to transform and expand traditional management practices.

Sir Richard Branson has constantly shared his views on management and leadership. During an interview at McGill University (2011), he states the employees of a business are directly behind the success of a business. Therefore the most important aspect that need thorough consideration when making a business decision is to protect the jobs the business has created. He further shares his view of what he looks for a leader; “We want to be sure that they are fantastic motivators that
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