Leadership Styles and Motivation

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Running Head: JUDGING LEADERS Teresa King Name of Student School Abstract There are 5 major leadership styles for various organizations. A military organization is known for its unbending adherence to order and regimen. This should not be compromised in the exercise of military function. Recently, the traditionally male sector has been admitting more women to upper ranks. One such woman was Teresa King, the first to be appointed head of the Army's Drill Sergeants School at Fort Jackson in 2009. She was well trained for the position, although she did not expect it. Two years later, she was suspended for reasons still under investigation. Leadership Styles and Motivation Major leadership styles are charismatic, democratic, people-oriented, servant, and transformational (Neuharth, 2012). A charismatic leader encourages members or subordinates by fostering enthusiasm among them as the foundation of their organization in itself. A democratic leader gets everyone involved in decision-making although he makes the final decision. A people-oriented leader focuses on members' or subordinates' interests. He is also usually task-oriented. A servant leader concentrates on the needs of team members. And a transformational leader inclines members or subordinates to become more participative. He also sets and expresses his clear expectation of them (Neuharth). Military Leadership Style The military organization is traditionally a top-down structure wherein each level
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