Leadership Styles between Jack and Ralph

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I am writing my essay on the leadership styles between Jack and Ralph, which will explore the autocratic and democratic political systems in which they are dedicated to follow. Also explore the possible motives behind these two leaders rise to power, yet explain why leaders will need advisers for resources, for control and sustainably of the community. Lastly faults of their rule and how they could’ve rewritten the course of history on the inland, and deliver my hypothesis on what is the fate of Jack’s tribe.
During their arrival on the inland the children were in disarray because the only adult was killed in the crash and leadership was high for grabs. This led to Ralph whose idea of forming a census assembly which contributes to an overall decision made by the whole assembly, in this case Ralph was made chief by overall decision. However unlike in traditional census groups which allows all to speak with interruption, but Ralph’s census group as the conch, which contains the power to speak without interruption. Yet this form of political formation is highly democratic, to have a better example, look at the UN council, or the US senate for which they can form act or decisions based on overall favor. Yet there an flaw among this census, for example there is always a specific adviser on a certain subject, in this story Piggy was the adviser in survival, law and order, which he was allowed on the assembly but he couldn’t speak due to rivalry. If there is
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