Leadership Styles of Ho Chi Minh and Ngo Dinh Diem Essay

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In the context of the Vietnamese society as the course has presented it through the online textbook so far, what evaluation can be made about the leadership styles and personal examples of Ho Chi Minh and Ngo Dinh Diem that would enable both of them to tap into the hearts and minds of the Vietnamese people and mobilize support for their initiatives? Why, in Vietnam, was personal leadership so very important? Refer to specific examples


The Geneva Accords that took place in 1954 put an end to the First Indochina War and the beginning of two Vietnamese territories separated by a line of demarcation at 17th parallel: The Communist North or Democratic Republic of Vietnam with its capital in Hanoi and
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He visits the Soviet Union in 1924 where he writes to a friend and states that it is the duty of all communists to return to their own country to make contact with the masses to awaken, organize, unite and train them, and lead them to fight for freedom and independence. The quality of his leadership and the ability to apply communist ideologies to his country, desperate for change, ultimately strengthens Vietnamese nationalism and win him support from the entire nation.

Furthermore, Ho Chi Minh is a nationalist. During his entire life, Ho Chi Minh has been pursuing Vietnamese independence from France. He travels to France; there he goes to school, and incessantly writes letters to the French government, and tries to involucrate himself into the French governmental system. Ho also travels around the world trying to get help elsewhere in order to gain Vietnamese independence. Ho Chi Minh has developed nationalism among the Vietnamese people and mobilized them to fight for their independence. Therefore, he has a large reputation as a nationalist hero. His perseverance and determination inspire the Vietnamese nation and win their faith and support.

Ngo Dihn Diem is an autocratic leader who opposed the French Colonialism and Communism. Ngo Dihn Diem opposes the French colonial rule and the Viet Minh, during and after the Second World War, which was

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