Leadership : The Best Hockey Player Of All Time

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Leadership means different things to different people. To us it is not about managing or directing people. It is about the ability to inspire and influence others towards the leader’s goal and vision. A leader in sports has the same characteristics as a leader who works in an office. Besides being knowledgeable in their respective sport, team leaders have to possess effective relationship skills. A sport leader leads by example and must hold and exhibit the same traits and behaviours they expect from their team members. Nobody did that as well as the world famous Mr. Wayne Gretzky. Wayne Gretzky is a former National League Hockey (NHL) all-star and International hockey star. Many say he is the best hockey player of all time. He was the Captain of many different NHL clubs, as well as Team Canada. He was also a short term coach and owner of the Phoenix Coyotes. He retired from playing the game he loved on April 18, 1999. His list of career achievements is long and prestigious. In summary he holds 40 regular season, 15 play off and six all-star records.
Although there are many reasons why a team does not have a winning season, research has shown that an absence of good leadership can play into a team’s change of winning and connecting successfully. As we all play hockey ourselves, we understand the value of leadership and what type of impact a good leader can have. We choose Wayne Gretzky because he is and always will be one of the greatest hockey players to ever live,…
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