Leadership : The First Youth Program

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Leadership is a theme in my life that has been in my focus for almost a decade now. It has constantly been a developing quality for me, so naturally a lot of factors have affected and are affecting its formation. There is of course no way to recall everything that played in, but there are many significant lessons I’ve learned through a few leadership opportunities that have been major parts of my life. In 2008, I was attending a church in St. Louis with my family when they hired a Director of Christian Education (basically, a Lutheran youth leader) to revamp their youth program. The first youth event I ever attended was a mission trip with this youth leader, Cassie, to Tunica, Mississippi. The mission trip was great and nothing too significant happened there in regards to leadership for me, but after we got back it became more significant. I started attending the weekly youth events after that and one day Cassie said to me after a meeting, “You know, during the mission trip a couple of weeks ago, I was watching you and I think you are a natural leader, and next Wednesday, I want you to help me lead the lesson.” This is the first time that the concept of becoming a leader hit me. I hadn’t really thought of being a leader before. Over many weeks of talking about it, Cassie pointed out things about me that I hadn’t really thought of before. This is where I first realized there was a way to describe how I thought (analytically and systematically) and how that is actually a
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