Leadership : The Great Man Theory And The Trait Theory Essay

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Over the course of history, humans have led others to greater heights on the way to advancing civilization and societies. Leadership has been a key social facet for the entirety of human existence, and is as important as ever in today’s day. I believe that leadership is a not a skill that is built, but a strong internal characteristic that can fascinate and guide people. History has pointed to the fact that certain individuals have had traits that motivated people to join them in fighting for a cause. Earlier developed theories of leadership such as the Great Man theory and the Trait theory give more weight to human nature, which I believe to be the root of human leadership. Although more theories have been developed, I think they have a less concrete perspective on influencing people. They put too much emphasis on the situational influences on people and the way they act rather than the nature of the people’s personalities. In today’s day, more information is available for the people of the world, and they have a larger opportunity to vocalize their thoughts to the leaders of the world. The Path-Goal theory has recently been used by world leaders to a very successful extent, and is only expanding in use. My personal leadership philosophy involves the Great Man theory, Trait theory, and Path-Goal theory and relies on human nature to dictate leadership skills. The Great Man theory dates farthest back out of all the theories, and the ideas behind it are both the simplest and

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