Leadership : The Meaning And The Definition

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Leadership - The Meaning and the Definition
By Shaun Swilling | Submitted On November 07, 2014

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Expert Author Shaun Swilling
Leadership is the foundation on which countries are built, how our businesses are run and how our sport is played. This essay will briefly look at the various definitions of leadership and what successful leadership styles are needed to achieve a specific objective.

Generally all leaders are always able to articulate or define an objective and achieve a specific goal. Leaders achieve that goal or objective that has been set by managing to persuade others to help in achieving that objective. The same way a captain of a sports team would have the ultimate objective of winning the game or match played between the two sides.

The role of leadership is vital to managers and supervisors in the business world. It is just as important for success when coaching or teaching as well as parenting which has now conclusively proven to be an effective way of changing an adult. Leadership is a broad concept and there is no generally accepted definition of what leadership is.

However if we were going to be defining what a leader is then we…
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