Leadership : The Way I Approach The Idea Of Leadership

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Leadership has been an ever-changing concept for me. The people that I have encountered while serving in ministry have greatly influenced my definition of leadership. I have seen my paradigm on leadership evolve as a result of their influence in my life. I look at leadership as a potential and ability to contribute significantly to an organization, community and to the society. At various stages of my life I have experienced significant contributions, sometimes in a formal set up and sometimes in absolutely informal manner. Therefore, in this paper, I will discuss four revelations that have shaped the way I approach the idea of leadership.
In my childhood, many years ago in my country of origin Ethiopia Christianity was counted as crime and if you became a Christian you definitely jailed, tortured, isolated from society and also you might be killed. During this era, my grandfather was a well-known person of the locality, he has been known for discipline and values among the whole city. He was also traditional lawyer and landlord who command good practice. During this time 80 percent of his children became Christian while he and my grandmothers are remaining Muslim. My grandfather he didn’t isolate his children because of their religion or their differences, instead he advocate for them and he challenged the government body and society for freedom of religion and for equality.
When I reflect on my time with my grandfather, he influence me to great importance to values and…
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