Leadership Theories And Leadership Style

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Leadership theories and Leadership Style In workplace condition, there are numerous dynamics which may affects a manager’s leadership style. The most significant features which will affect the choice of leadership styles or leadership behavior in a workplace condition need to identify. The most important factor which affects the manager’s leadership style is ‘Task’. The task is the real purpose of the team as well as the goals of the team. A manager’s upmost duty is to be certain that all team members have and shares a mutual goal and objective. Once the goal and objective is elucidated it is the manager’s job to direct his team to achieve and accomplish these goals. To make the team task easier managers should use “SMART” management principle. SMART principle stands for be Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound. Once the task has been clearly defined using the SMART management principle then it is easier for manager to choose which leadership style to practice in the given situation. For instance Manager may choose to adopt direct authoritative style if he needs to complete an urgent task in short period of time. The benefits of the SMART management principle to prioritize the task or objectives so that the employees and team members will have the clear understanding of what prerequisites to done to achieve the task. With this understanding team members will accept the sudden change of their manager’s leadership style and they will understand the why
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