Leadership Theories And Philosophies Of Case, Kouzes, And Drucker

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Introduction: There are many leadership theories and philosophies currently used to describe the different principles and strategies by various leaders to drive their decision making and actions in the business world. A common perception about leaders is that they are born and not made. This theory often portrays great leaders as destined to rise to leadership. However, there are many different classifications of other commonly used leadership theories which include trait theories, contingency theories, situational theories, behavioral theories, participative theories, management theories and relationship theories. In this paper I will discuss transactional, transformational, visionary, charismatic, and principled…show more content…
Inspiring a shared vision is a leadership practice that is about looking forward by envisioning an uplifting future. An effective leader should always challenge the process by searching for opportunities to learn, being innovative, growing and improving. It is also important for a leader to experiment, to be willing to take risks and to enable others to act. Enabling others to act helps to foster collaboration and strengthen individual capacity. The final practice of leadership discussed, is to always encourage others by celebrating their victories and recognizing their individual success.
By encouraging others and recognizing their individual success it makes employees want to work harder but most importantly it make employees feel appreciated and valued.
Entrepreneurial strategies by Peter F. Drucker discussed different strategies that businesses use in an attempt to dominate the market. In this article the reader is also given examples of different companies who have dominated a market by either creating a new industry or a new market. Entrepreneurial leadership is a common element discussed in each article. So what exactly is entrepreneurial leadership? Entrepreneurial leadership is one of an enterprising, transformational leader who operates in a dynamic market that offers lucrative opportunities(Understanding Entrepreneurial Leadership in today’s Dynamic

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