Leadership Theories And Practice Of The Society Of South Africa Essay

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A game changer in the society of South Africa, Nelson Mandela said: “There are times when a leader must move out ahead of the flock, and discharge in a new direction, confident that he is leading his people the right way.” (Mandela) The article in question mirrors this quote. Thinking about leadership, it is normal to think about how a leader emerges, possessions that a person can do to gain leadership skills, and models that will aid companies to find the right leader to bring the company in the next direction. All of these practices hold true in the scholastic norm of higher education. However, how do scholars react to new leadership theories? This question is even more important when a new term is brought to into the leadership realm of theories and practice. The name is Flock Leadership. When this article appeared, the thinking about the concept centered around the natural leader follower dynamic of geese and other flock birds that are seen on a daily basis. However, after exploring the context of the paper, a new thought emerged. In this paper, there will be an exploration of Flock Leadership, and how it could apply to everyday leadership. Along with the comparison of Flock Leadership of Adaptive Leadership.
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Conductor Herbert von Karajan stated that his leadership role was a creation of space for the parts to interact while guiding and ingraining the norms of interaction. He was known harmonious sound for the orchestras that he conducted

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