Leadership Theories And The Identification Of A Personal Leadership Approach

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Lisa Deaver
Leadership Theories and the Identification of a Personal Leadership Approach
EDLD 5311 Abstract
This formulation of a leadership approach is the result of weeks of study. This includes a compilation of, and refection upon, data collected from several assessments. From this data, a leadership profile emerged, leading to a plan for growth. A foundation for the development of a leadership approach is growing through a study of the history and philosophy of leadership, including various motivational theories. Through interviewing two respected leaders, viewing videos of successful leaders, and conducting further research on leadership, my views on leadership have become much more defined; and through reflection, both
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The one place that I tend to deviate from the “textbook Guardian” is in regards to the Guardian not wanting to “wing it or blaze new trails.” I am comfortable with both of those situations, and I like to look for better ways to accomplish tasks more efficiently and use time and resources most effectively. When I look back on my original philosophy of leadership, it is an obvious result of the Guardian Temperament. In researching various motivation beliefs, I identify most with three of the theories set forth in the text, School Leader Internship: Developing, Monitoring, and Evaluating Your Leadership Experience. First, Bandura’s Social Cognition Theory is one I identified as having regularly used both in the classroom and on the court. One must believe something is possible before that individual will achieve the goal. According to Bandura’s theory, an individual has to believe that an action is possible and that he or she can be successful and accomplish the goal. Additionally, a person must be able to set goals, to develop a plan to reach the goals, to commit to implementing the plan, and to reflect on and adjust the plan as needed. The more someone believes they will be successful, and the better able they are to set their goals and follow their plans, the more motivated they will be (Martin, Danzig, Wright, Flanary & Brown, 2012, p. 90). The biggest hurdle to clear when entering a situation where a student or athlete has
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