Essay about Leadership Theories

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Provide at least two examples of leadership theories and how to implement them in order to improve the relationship between management and floor workers. “Transformational Theory states that leadership is the process by which a person engages with others and is able to create a connection that results in increased motivation and morality in both followers and leaders” (Wolinski, 2010, p. 2). This theory suggest that a leader must first become aware of his or her own thoughts, feelings and motivation before they can encourage others to do the same. Once the leader becomes aware, their perception increases and the leader is better able to choose actions that are compatible with the needs of the persons they supervise. The…show more content…
They should learn to control their personal feelings about each other and the way they express those feelings at the workplace. “The key to transformational leadership is for the leader to be attentive to the needs and motives of followers in an attempt to help them reach their maximum potential” (Wolinski, 2010, p.2). Leaders who practice transformational leadership are successful in initiating, developing, and implementing important changes in an organization. Differences between leadership and management “According to the current wisdom, managers are principally administrators; they write business plans, set budgets and monitor progress. Leaders on the other hand, get organizations and people to change. Management is a function that must be exercised in any business; leadership is a relationship between leader and employees that can energize an organization” (Maccoby, 2000, p. 1). While leaders set the vision for employees, mangers direct the vision; sometimes there is an overlap of roles. Employees follow leaders either because the leader is successfully and productive or out of fear. The leaders at Woody’s are dangerous to the employees and the organization, they evoke unprofessional and unsafe behavior such as grinding up good veneer by the floor workers. A change in leadership style could improve the behavior and networking with the floor workers. The leaders at Woody’s can design new
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