Leadership Theories: Learning About Transformational Leadership and Authentic Leadership

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As a Senior Human Resources Officer and a Leader in the United States Army, I found this class not only to be very informative, but very useful for future practice and application. Through the myriad of different leadership theories and approaches, I have developed a better understanding of the historical, political, social, cultural, psychological, and organizational contexts in which leadership occurs. I am knowledgeable on several ways to identify personnel who may be make for better leaders using the Trait Approach, Skills Approach, and Style Approach. I am also able to better match leaders with subordinates by using the Situational Approach, Contingency Theory, and Path-Goal Theory. Finally, and probably most importantly, I have…show more content…
However, using the Leadership Trait Questionnaire (LTQ) during the hiring/promotion process could help identify personnel who currently have those traits. I fully believe that leadership traits can be developed over time through experience and learning. With the complexities and advance nature of the human brain, it is how people are developed through life that makes them into effective leaders; it is nurture, not nature. However, most organizations are looking to hire leaders who have already developed the leadership traits to a certain degree. That can be explained why people who go to college are more likely to be hired over those who do not and why people who have been in positions of leadership are more hirable than those who have not; college serves to develop leadership traits as well as other leadership experiences. Organizations prefer hiring personnel who already exude high levels of leadership traits that they do not have to develop any further. However, with that being the case, most organizations have programs to make their employees even more effective leaders because they know that the leadership traits can be even more developed. The LTQ could be used in the workplace to identify personnel who could benefit from leadership trait development training. The Skills Approach is a
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