Leadership Theories Of An Assistant Manager For A Retail Company

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Charismatic, transaction, transformation, and servant leadership all have two thing in common, they are leadership theories that transact into contemporary leadership, in doing so each theory allows the leader to use their influential techniques to motivate their subordinates to achieve the goals set by the leader. Each one has an effective method of grasping how that leadership should behavior in order to lead their followers. The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate the developmental levels and leadership styles that can be used in a given situation that the leader had been faced with, it will demonstrate examples, explain what actions can be taken, and determine how situational leadership can be applied to the situation. As an assistant manager for a retail company, I work for 350 associates, “work for,” in doing so it is not easy being in management for so many workers at a time. Take for instance, working overnight, the stores general operations of all the in-stock, first, we separate it by department and give it out to our workers to fill the counters for the customers. Seems simple, not all the time, when you are working for the workers being able to ensure that the customers are receiving the best quality of in-stock on merchandise is not always that simple. If one stone breaks the whole wall can collapse. Each day I look at what is in store for the team, looking at truck sizes and the staff for the night. Each day I appreciate the associates in our daily
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