Leadership Theories Of Leadership And Leadership

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The first section of this report will summarise three guest speakers’ presentations on leadership in terms of their leadership journey, leadership perspective and leadership approach. The guest speakers that will be examined include Peter Higgins, John Acklerley and Mumtaz Bashir. The aim of this section is to identify the individual’s personal viewpoint on leadership, by drawing out key themes and to determine how they apply their approach in the organisational world they inhibit.
The second section of this report will examine two leadership theories; authentic leadership and shared leadership, and how they can be applied to each of the guest speakers’ approach to leadership. The aim of this section is to select relevant academic theories of leadership to support a comparison of the three individual’s approaches to leadership. 2 Summary of individual guest speakers

2.1 Peter Higgins

2.1.1 Leadership Journey
Peter’s leadership journey began through the self-discovery of what aspects of work he did and did not enjoy, rather than a definitive decision to enter management. Initially, he set out to become a Scientist, achieving a first class honours degree in Chemistry and then on to study for a PHD in Radiation Chemistry at a specialist Cancer hospital in London. A few weeks into the course, he left as the research mostly involved working in isolation and felt that it did not provide the short-term gains he desired. During this short time, he ran the hospital social
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