Leadership Theories : Transformational Leadership

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After studying and learning from the different theories of Leadership, I found Transformational Leadership the best theory to identify with. Before going further with this theory, I want to state the most accurate Leadership definition for me. Leadership is a development of social influence and an exchange of values, behaviors, and power delegation between leaders and followers, where leaders maximizes efforts of the followers to achieve a collective goal (Kruse, 2013). Moreover, Scholars has divided leadership into different areas, such as Trait Approach, Skill Approach, Situational Approach, Transformational-Transactional, to name a few (COLLINSON & TOURISH, 2015). In this paper, I will talk about my concept of leadership before learning about the different leadership theories, what Transformational Leadership Theory is, how it helps raising the productivity in the group, the different dimensions of this theory, the differences with transactional leadership, the relation between charisma and transformational leadership, why I chose transformational leadership, and the different challenges and obstacles of this theory.
Leadership has been a topic that raised my interest over the last 5 months. Before getting to know what was to be a leader, my concept of leadership was that leaders only had to worry about getting the expected results. I though that it was not important to solve relationships problems within the team as long as the team accomplish the goals. In addition,
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