Evolution Of Leadership Theories Essay

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Leadership Theories: The Evolution of Context
April 2, 2013

This paper defines “context” as it relates to leadership and the inclusion of context in leadership theories. I will show examples of different leadership styles and how they relate to the context of leadership. In closing, I will reflect on the challenges of contextual theories and how these challenges can be met in the current environment.

Meaning of Context and Treatment in Leadership Research
Different types of leadership often need to be applied in a distinct manner, depending on the context and who is involved. Osborn, Hunt, & Jauch (2002) indicated leadership theory and research needs to expand to the complex levels of leadership. The authors
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Integration of culture as a contextual factor in models of leadership necessitates that researchers consider; the cultural implicit theories of both leaders and followers, the cultural implicit theories of both leaders and followers, the interpretation of enacted behaviors, the broader cultural context in which leaders and followers interact, the duration of the leader–follower relationship, and exogenous events that may trigger different interpretations of leadership, such as instability, uncertainty, and growth (Avolio, B., 2007).
A Leader Who Effectively Engaged With Context Leadership / Leader Who Failed To Read and Engage with Context Leadership Effectively

Leadership in context may undertake numerous characteristics, which may put leadership in conflict. Examples of leadership that may effectively engage within context are doctors who work in an emergency room of a hospital (Hannah, Uhl-Bien, Avolio, & Cavarretta, 2009). In this example, the authors suggested doctors may show high levels of leadership when put in extreme circumstances frequently. Consequently, there is a need to be prepared constantly and to maintain high levels of vigilance and situational awareness
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