Leadership Theory And Application ( Ol 400 ) Mid Term Exam

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Leadership Theory and Application (OL 400) Mid-Term Exam Jesus Cabral Brandman University Is leadership more imperative than management? First, let’s appreciate what a leader and a manager are or do. According to (Daft, 2015), leadership is an influence relationship among leaders and followers who intend real changes and outcomes that reflect their shared purposes (p. 5). Therefore, a leader enjoys a high degree of influence and soft skills and appeals largely to the intrinsic needs of their followers, subsequently the extrinsic needs of their followers come as a result of their work. Some examples of non-business leaders have been great leaders such as General Patton, Malcom X, Deli Lama, Mother Teresa. There have also been well known bad intentioned leaders. All these leaders have appealed to the needs of their followers through intention, change, shared purpose and influence. Bad intentioned leaders such as Charles Manson, Hitler, Reverend Jim Jones and David Koresh to name a few have created change through perceived good intentions and grew their influence over their followers by committing them to a shared purpose, or by vision of defeating a common enemy / foe. In most cases, the good leader is in the fronts of the battles or process, is responsible and has integrity such as General Patton and on the opposite of good are leaders lacking integrity or responsibility that succeed with influencing others by being charismatic or a “friend” etc. since

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