Leadership Theory And Leadership Development

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As the world changes and progress, it becomes more complex than before. The advances in technology, the globalization that opened and bridged the economies of the world, political and social factors contributed to people’s need of continuous development. So as an important parameter of the ongoing need of innovation and changes of the nature of work, leadership development becomes essential part of the success of the organisations. The aim of this paper, is to try and identify if all people in all organisations should be given the opportunity of leadership development and discuss one aspect of leadership theory, the approaches and limitations of the leadership development.
To begin with, between leader and
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It is said, that one of the most common leadership style that business adopt is based on transformational leadership theory. (
Transformational leadership theory is about creating a high- performance workforce by stimulating people’s realization of their potentials and achieve goals beyond their requirements. To be able and adopt the changes into the organisations culture and inspire people to follow, they must cultivate the four “I” model which exhibits four factors: idealized influence, individualized consideration, intellectual stimulation and inspirational motivation. (Avolio, Waldman & Yammarino, 1991).
Idealized influence talks about the leader becoming a role model for the followers, someone to trust and respect, and as a result to idealize him and his ideas.
Individualized consideration factor is how leaders promotes themselves as mentors to their followers. Followers are supported by their leaders and reward them for being creative and innovative, thus they also provide them with the feeling of empowerment of being free to make their own decisions.
Intellectual stimulation is when leaders encourage the followers to be innovative and creative. There is support from the leaders for new ideas without criticizing mistakes committed by the followers and are keen to disregard old practices and
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